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Employment Opportunities

The Department of Athletics & Recreation requires varsity game day staff for the upcoming 17/18 season.  If you have experience in sports and are qualified for these areas, please fill out the form, attach a short resume and return it to the Department office located on the 2nd floor of the Homburg Centre.

Game Day Events Assistant

As the Events Game Day assistant you will contribute towards the successful operation of game day functions.  You will assist in the execution game day activities, organize promotional activities, provide assistance to outside groups, assist in sports communication related duties, and provide on mic services when required.

You should have a strong knowledge of a variety of sports, possess excellent organizational, leadership, verbal and written communication skills, and have the ability to work varying hours as well as weekends.


Specific duties will relate to, but not be confined to:


• Assist in game day staffing

• work with game day operations staff to ensure set up is complete

• AUS/CIS  post game reporting procedures

• Plan and execute varsity game day promotions with Events Assistant

• Plan and organize on-campus promotions

• Assist in coordination of groups/ teams attending events

• Welcomes and team announcements for varsity teams

• Engage minor teams participation and attendance at varsity games

• Assist minor game officials when required – invoices/game sheets/water

• Ensure lineups/programs are available/visible at all games

• Manage game timing and activities related to game (ie. Opening ceremonies, special guests, puck drops, etc)

• Assist mascot when needed

• Assist Coordinator of Varsity Events with AUS/CIS game requirements

• Player of the Game - coordinate with game staff

Approximately 70 home games per season, September – mid March
To complete the application, please attach a resume and return to:

Lori Forbes

Department of Athletics & Recreation, 2nd floor Homburg Centre

Saint Mary’s University

Halifax, NS  B3H 3C3

Or email to:


Please note the review of application is ongoing, and only successful candidates will be contacted. 


Additional Game Day positions - Ongoing

• Webcast Technician – set up and operate webcasting equipment     

• Statistician - all sports (live game day stats program)              

• Statistician Spotter – all sports, assist in the data entry                       

• Scoreclock operator - basketball / volleyball                 

• Scorekeeper – basketball             

• Sports Writer – all sports 

• Music DJ – basketball/volleyball             

• Videographer – all sports, film games

• game announcer - soccer / volleyball / basketball

• webcast play by play commentator                    

• Mascot – all sports, most be enthusiastic!           

Some positions are “sport specific”, therefore successful candidates must be very familiar with the playing rules and regulations for the sport related to the position.