U SPORT Awards


2019/20 U SPORT All-Canadians & Awards

James Spence - Soccer, All-rookie team 

Antoine Lyte-Myers - Football, 2nd team All-Canadian

Nicholas Welsh - Hockey, 1st team All-Canadian

Mitchell Balmas - Hockey, U SPORTS Rookie of the Year All-Rookie Team / 2nd team All-Canadian

Kiana Wilkinson - Hockey, 2nd team All-Canadian 


2018/19 U SPORT All-Canadians  Awards

Brad Herbst - Football, 2nd team All-Canadian 

Kemar Alleyne - Basketball, 1st team All-Canadian

Hunter Garlent - Men's hockey, 2nd team All-Canadian

Nicholas Welsh - Men's hockey, 2nd team All-Canadian & All-rookie team

Hannah Stienburg - Volleyball, Community Service Award

Olivia Bell - All-rookie team


2017/18 U SPORTS All-Canadians/Awards

Breanna Lanceleve - Hockey, 2nd team All-Canadian

Rebecca Clark - Hockey, 2nd team All-Canadian

Hunter Garlent - Hockey, 1st team All-Canadian

Dylan DiPerna - Hockey, U SPORT All-Rookie team

Nikita Kasongo - Basketball, U SPORT Rookie of the Year / All-Rookie team


2016/17 U SPORTS All-Canadians/Awards

DeAndre Smith - Football, 1st team All-Canadian

Hunter Garlent - Hockey, Rookie Team & 2nd team All-Canadian

Breanna Lanceleve - Hockey, 2nd team All-Canadian 

Chris Larade - Hockey, Coach of the Year


015/16 CIS All-Canadians/Awards

Chris Larade - Coach of the Year

Breanne Lanceleve - 1st team All-Canadian

Rebecca Clark - All Rookie Team

Kennisha-Shanice Luberisse - Defensive Player of the Year


2014/15 CIS All-Canadians/Awards

Avery, Brittany - Field Hockey (CIS 1st team All-Canadian)

Colter, Amanda – Curling (CIS 1st team All-Canadian)

Langa, Jonathan – Football (CIS 1st team All-Canadian & President’s Trophy)

Luberisse, Kennisha-Shanice – Basketball (CIS All-Rookie Team)

MacLean, Carole – Curling (CIS Coach of the Year – Men’s)

Peters, Anthony – Hockey (CIS 1st team All-Canadian & Goaltender of the Year)

Prince, Elly – Volleyball (CIS All-Rookie Team)

Windhorst, Rachel – Volleyball (CIS 1st team All-Canadian)


Pawel Gorski, Soccer - CIS 2nd Team

Jean Baker, Rugby - CIS 1st Team

Eric Black, Football - Corner, CIS 2nd Team

Rachel Windhorst - Volleyball, All Rookie Team

Breanna Lanceleve - Hockey, All Rookie Team

Justine Colley - Basketbal, CIS 1st Team, CIS Player of the Year

Rachelle Coward - Basketball, CIS 2nd Team

Harry Ezenibe - Basketball, CIS Ken Shields Award (Community Service Award)


Rob Jubenville, Football (2nd team)

Kayin Marchand-Wright, Football (2nd team)

Michelle Yates, Soccer (2nd team)

Derek Gaudet, Soccer (1st team)

Adam Miller, Soccer (2nd team)

Ariel Smith, Volleyball (1st team)

Anastasia Callaghan, Volleyball (Libero of the Year)

Justine Colley, Basketball (1st team) CIS MVP

Lucas Bloodoff, Hockey (1st team) CIS MVP

Mike D'Orazio, Hockey (1st team)

Sienna Cooke, Hockey (All Rookie team)

Josie Leduc, Volleyball (All Rookie team)

Scott Munro (CIS Coach of the Year)

Trevor Stienburg (CIS Coach of the Year)



Kelly Burgess, 1st team Soccer
Mandy Avery, 1st team Field Hockey
Rory Kennedy, 2nd team Soccer
Kayin Marchand-Wright, 1st team Football
Rob Jubenville, 2nd team Football
Justine Colley, 2nd team Basketball
Kerri Smit, 1st team Volleyball
Brian Rouse CIS All-Rookie Team
Anthony Peters CIS All-Rookie Team